The Science

SSV mätningScience is my life!

Science and research is for me to always strive forward – to look ahead and to seek knowledge, sometimes for the sake of knowledge itself. I need to know!

One can say that science, and doing research, is a methodology to collect, structure, analyse and to work with data gained through various kinds of observations. But it’s more than just collect and analyse data: it’s about creating something new beyond existing knowledge.

The picture on the left shows what it looks like when I am doing my research. Or at least when I am doing observations and collecting data for further work. This is one way of seeking knowledge.

And it’s av pretty fun way of doing research…

The main focus in my research can be said to be firefighting tactics – i.e. how to use resources and knowledge in the best possible way to fight fires and to tuggle other accidents and emergencies. To do this I have spent some time to look into fire suppression as well as fire ventilation and I have looked at how such methods can be used together to get as got results as possible from a fire fighting operations. Consequently, I have looked into problems of command and control also.

Photo by Lars Ågerstrand

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